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: the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization

'Your Workplace Screening Solution'

Aegis Alliance seeks to create, promote, and ensure a safe, drug-free workplace specific to each and every client's needs. We strive to grow our business based on honesty and integrity with customer service as priority.

By Having Access To The Alliance Portal

We can customize and implement a proven, state-of-the-art, occupational health screening program that includes drug and alcohol testing as well as phyicals and exam management components for your company with three, distinct, key benefits:

• Total Visibility

• Increased Efficiency

• Expanded Access

Alliance Portal

Easy online scheduling process facilitates efficient urine, oral fluid, and hair testing. In addition, our system offers automated data pre-fill for forms, a user friendly "self-service" feature for candidates and employees to schedule their test, real-time, online administrative controls, and exceptional support for remote employees.


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Total Program Management

  • Workplace Drug Testing
  • State-of-the-Art Internet Reporting
  • Mobile On-Site Screening
  • After Hours & Emergency Services
  • National Clinic Networks
  • Full Service Compliance
  • Background Screening
  • Policy Development
  • Custom Consortiums
  • Contraband Inspections
  • Narcotic Detector Canine Services
  • SAMHSA Laboratory Services
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Training Services

State-of-the-Art Internet Reporting

  • Real-Time Status Available
  • Simplify Program Management
  • Enjoy Complete Visibility
  • Self-Service Access From Anywhere
  • Secure Connection to Your Acute Screening Information

National Clinic Network

  • Partnering with Aegis Alliance accesses three different networks that enables you, the end user, to control cost.
  • Aegis's automated and online tools ensure access to Post-Accident/Reasonable Cause drug and alcohol testing 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for both regulated and non-regulated business environments.

Compliance Solutions

  • Let us ensure that your company’s drug and alcohol program is fair and equitable.
  • Real-Time Compliance Reports (selected vs. tested ratio)
  • Random Pool Maintenance (on-line access for you to maintain your pool)
  • Auto Compensate (ensures quota goals/requirements are met)
  • MIS Reporting Functions (MIS-annual statistical report)
  • Detailed Audit Logs (who did what and when)
  • Mid-Cycle On-Boarding of Clients (the ability to on-board you as a customer with numbers completed by a previous TPA-no over testing)
  • Automated Random Scheduling Selection (order link distributed via Email to DER and/or candidate)
  • Automatic Distributions of Random Selections to Mutiple Locations and DER's

Mobile On-Site Collections

  • Save valuable production time by utilizing Aegis Alliance's 30+ years experience in the mobile on-site collection services for both regulated and non-regulated environments, whether inland or offshore.

Background Investigation Services

  • Fast, accurate background screening tools that reduce your risk is what organizations want from a screening provider, and that’s exactly what you get with Aegis Alliance. We make your job easier by providing you with in-depth expertise, personalized service, advanced technology and comprehensive solutions to support the unique demands of your business. Receive your reports dramatically faster and more complete than with other providers-up to 24 hours faster-due to our revolutionary search processing technology known as Automated Screening Intelligence (ASI). Ask us about our Owner Grading Matrix-Criteria for ease of hiring.

Point-of-Care / Instant Testing Solutions

    Electronic Collection & Automatic Reporting

  • 1 System Generated Form for Confirmation Testing
  • NO Paper CCF
  • Electronic Capture Donor & Collector's Signature
  • Incomparable Visibility on One Online Portal Showing All Stages
  • Real Time Status Updates
  • MRO Expedited Adjudication Process

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