On September 15, 1986 the then acting president Ronald Reagan signed into effect Executive Order 12564, which made drug abstinence both on and off duty a condition of federal employment. Shortly thereafter, in 1988 Congress passed the Drug Free Workplace Act, which stated that any company seeking a federal contract needed to screen their employees. The states followed suit not long after the action by the US Congress. A few years later in 1991 Congress acted again by requiring drug test; including random testing, for any employee employed in a safety-sensitive position such as, airline pilots, truck drivers, train conductors, etc. Meanwhile, the drug testing craze spread into numerous other sectors like schools, community service avenues, criminal justice, etc. The widest spread was in the private workplace sector, especially as a condition of employment. In the first decade since Reagan’s order, drug testing was up 277 percent.

Aegis Alliance’s management entered the industry in 1993 and since then has operated exclusively within the industry. With over 30 years of combined experience in the drug and alcohol program management of not only implementing drug and alcohol programs but facilitating them as well. Aegis Alliance's management have both supported and facilitated operations on five (5) different continents over the past 20+ years. Aegis Alliance specializes in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry with the number one goal of quality service with confidence. This attitude ensures that we provide the upmost solutions and services to our client base. Aegis Alliance is committed to 'Total Program Management' implementing drug and alcohol programs from their very birth to also supporting existing established programs.

Aegis Alliance is a Third-Party Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator offering “Total Program Management” throughout the gulf south as well as the entire United States. Aegis’s goal is to provide a more cost effective and efficient solution to workplace drug and alcohol screening regardless of the industry. Aegis Alliance is not only a consulting platform for workplace programs but a service provider as well. Aegis Alliance is locally owned and operated right in the center of Lafayette, LA and our Alliance team is tentatively planning on opening for business on January 9, 2017.

At Aegis Alliance we provide workplace DOT and Non-DOT Testing, Robust Internet Based Result Reporting Software, Follow-Up Programs,Three National Clinic Networks, Mobile/On-Site Testing, Education and Training, Full Compliance Services including but not limited to; Real-Time Compliance Reports, Random Pool Maintenance, MIS Reporting Functions.

When a client partners with Aegis Alliance, we will customize and implement a proven, state-of-the-art, occupational health screening program that includes drug and alcohol testing as well as physicals and exam management components for your company with three, distinct, key benefits: total visibility, increased efficiency and expanded access. Utilizing the country’s largest network of collection sites and testing laboratories, Aegis Alliance can ensure unparalleled efficiency and support for your regional, national and international business needs in both regulated and non-regulated environments.